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Inbound Mission Support Form

Organizations bringing an inbound trade delegation to Miami-Dade and requesting OEDIT’s support must complete and return this questionnaire at least 30 days prior to the mission (if no pre-screened business-to-business (B2B) meetings are required). If pre-screened B2B meetings are required, OEDIT must receive a completed copy of this form together with the company profiles, at least 45 days prior to the mission.
Contact Information
Name of Organization
Zip Code

Contact Person
Mission Coordinator’s Name
Phone Number

Mission Information
Number of Participants
Proposed Mission Dates
Proposed Arrival Date
Proposed Departure Date

Please describe your mission objectives:

What is your mission scope? (Check all that apply)
Buying (Purchase from Miami-Dade Companies)
Selling (Sell to Miami-Dade Companies)
Business Development/Trade Mission
Delegates’ Briefing
Meeting with Economic Development Agencies
Site Visit/Fact-finding
Tour of Facilities

Will pre-screened business-to-business meetings be required?

(If yes, please note that OEDIT will organize pre-screened business matchmaking appointments for inbound missions comprising of a minimum of 10 businesses, with mutually agreed industry/sectors and best prospects and OEDIT must receive delegates’ information, company profiles, industry/sectors, and/or product catalogs, 45 days prior to the mission. All meetings will held in English Language and OEDIT reserves the right to confirm companies based on best prospect, product or sector match, time, and available slots per company.)
Don't Know/Not Applicable

Does your mission have any special needs? If so, please list below.

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