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Go Green to Save Green

It's simple: Saving energy and water saves money, as well as helps the environment. But going green doesn't mean spending lots of green. Simple and cost-effective retrofits such as replacing light bulbs with compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) or installing a free high-efficiency showerhead can go a long way. Take the first step. Commit to some --or all --of the actions on the list below and watch your savings in both money and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions add up.

Call to ACTION:
  Carbon Offset Savings Monetary Savings
  0.38 $82.00
  0.0025 $3.00
  0.18 $39.00
  0.20 $43.00
  0.11 $23.00
  0.22 $48.00
  0.458 $128.00
  0.0356 $154.00
  0.08 $24.00
  0.04 $9.00
  0.09 $19.00
  0.13 $28.00
  0.55 $118.00
  0.17 $37.00
Total Savings: 
Increase cooling temperature by 3 degrees
Turn water off while brushing teeth
Replace 10 incandescent bulbs with CFLs
Install a programmable thermostat
Replace home air conditioning filter once a month
Plug appliances that use standby settings into a power strip & turn off when not in use
Keep car tuned-up and tires properly inflated
Use a rain barrel to water your lawn instead of sprinklers
Recycle every Sunday newspaper
Install a low flow shower head
Reduce shower time by 2 minutes
Install a motion detector for an outdoor light
Decrease water heater temperature by 20 degress (120°F)
Limit the time you run your pool pump (no more than 6 hours a day)
Turn off your ceiling fan when you leave the room

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