Office of Economic Development & International Trade

TJIF Reimbursement Process

About the TJIF Program
(Code of Miami-Dade County, Chapter 2, Article LXXXVI, and as further modified by Ordinance No. 02-251)

The TJIF is a performance based incentive program; therefore, verification of the new jobs created, capital investment made by the Company, and new revenue generated to Miami-Dade County must be verified by the County prior to any disbursement of funds to the Company.  This procedure must be repeated each year that the Company submits a claim for the TJIF payment.  The year that is applicable for consideration of taxes paid-in resulting in incremental tax revenue is April 1 through March 31.  Company award claims must be submitted each year during the period of April 1 through May 15.  The claims submission deadline is May 15.  

The TJIF incentive is paid out beginning after the first year the new jobs are created.  Disbursements shall be made over the time period approved by the BCC even if all the new jobs are created in one year.  Payment to the Company will only be made after it has achieved all economic benchmarks.  A Company’s incremental tax revenue paid (uncontested) to Miami-Dade County must be sufficient to fund the Company’s award.  

A company receiving a cash incentive award under this TJIF program and also applying for and receiving Enterprise Zone tax abatements, must, in any given year, have its TJIF cash incentive award reduced by the amount of any such tax abatement granted.
Company Information
Company Name
Contact Person
BCC Resolution Number
Zip Code

Checklist for Reimbursement
Confirm amount of capital investment to date
List all property folio numbers
What is the in-service date of the building?
How many jobs have been created to date?

Has your company applied for an Enterprise Zone Tax Abatement?
Don't Know/Not Applicable

Has your company filed a claim with the Value Adjustment Board?
Don't Know/Not Applicable

For Tangible Personal Property Investment Only
What is the value of equipment purchased to date?
On what date(s) was this equipment purchased?
List all tangible personal property folio numbers
How many jobs, if any, were filled as a result of your recruitment efforts with South Florida Workforce?

Was personal property relocated from an old facility?
Don't Know/Not Applicable

The company and/or principals are not in arrears with any County obligation and is not involved in any legal matter with Miami Dade County.
Don't Know/Not Applicable

Please submit the following:

  • Name of working contacts (name, number, e-mail)

  • Completed W-9

  • Proof of property taxes paid

  • Tangible personal property tax return

  • Current employee roster (specify new positions and average annualized wages)

  • Documentation of value of equipment

  • to

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